How Much Does Email Marketing Cost in 2022?
No CommentsJan 08, 2022Reuben Hochstetler

While email marketing is not free, it’s the most cost effective way to communicate with customers and turn leads in sales in 2022.

What Are the Different Tools or Services Needed?

We use a specific tech stack (software tools) for Touchdown Tech and our clients. The combination of these tools costs $42/month.

Essentially you need a Email/CRM software and an an email sending service. Sometimes these are combined into one (for example, HubSpot and Mailchimp) but in our case they’re separarte.

We also include a tool that integrates our CRM with our website. It’s called WP Fusion and I’ll cover it further down this page.

Here’s the list.

This tech stack requires a WordPress website. While there may be some cases where a company may want to send emails and doesn’t have a website, it’s vary rare. It’s more common that a company may have a website that isn’t WordPress and in those cases, our tech stack isn’t the best option.

Email/CRM Software: Groundhogg (Basic plan: $20/m)

A CRM or email marketing software organizes your emails and contacts. While there is a free version of Groundhogg the basic plan includes some features that companies trying to be profitable need. The following features are included in the basic plan.

  1. Let contacts choose if they get emails monthly or weekly
  2. Let contacts opt out of a funnel sequence
  3. Resent email to contacts that did not open
  4. Allow contacts to unsubscribe from tags or email list
  5. Drag and drop email editor
  6. Superlinks
  7. More funnel steps

Email Sending Service: Mailhawk (Basic plan: $1/m)

While website hosts can send emails, they cannot handle the volume of emails sent out with email marketing software. At $1/m purchasing a Mailhawk subscription is a no-brainer.

Integrate with Other WordPress Plugins: WP Fusion (Basic plan: $21/m)

WP Fusion makes marketers jobs easy. It adds additional and easier to use options for integrating Groundhogg with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and over 100 other WordPress plugins. It’s expensive but it makes life easy.

Can I Set Up Email Marketing Using Free Tools

Yes. Sort of. If you like to do things with your hand tied behind your back, go for it. If you like to be efficient and focus on your work, pay for premium tools and get a premium experience 🙂.

Free tools and free versions of tools usually end up being a headache. It is hard and sometimes impossible to get support with free tools.

Groundhogg, Mailhawk, and WP Fusion have incredible technical support. I’ve reached out to all 3 teams with questions over the past few years and have had our questions answered and issues resolved quickly in all cases.

Check Out Our Email Marketing Course

This video course includes step-by-step guide for setting up email marketing software and organizing your contacts/email in a way that makes sense and is scalable. Check out the course today to learn the steps we take to set up our clients for success!

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