Google's Color Picker is the fastest way to lookup and edit digital colors.
No CommentsJan 15, 2020Reuben

Instead of Googling "color picker" simply enter the HEX color into Google's search box.

I discovered this by accident. While trying to find an appropriate hover color for a button. I decided to search for a website that would recommend an appropriate "hover" color.

The article Google recommended suggested to manually edit the HEX color but didn't automatically generate an appropriate hover color.

I could have opened Photoshop and used the color picker tool and I would have found the color I needed. But it takes too long to open Photoshop and find the correct tool to use. I'm no Photoshop expert.

My nerd instincts kicked in and I decided to search Google with the HEX code, hoping that they had a color picker built into their SERP (Search Engine Results Page). I was not disappointed.

Google's Color Picker shows and allows editing by HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL. I don't know what the last two color codes are.

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