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A StoryBrand SB7 web page has specific sections designed to invite the visitor into a story where they are the hero and your company (the website) is the guide helping them win the day and avoid failure.

Examples of StoryBrand Websites

Elements of Story

If you read Building a StoryBrand or take the video course you’ll quickly notice the 7 in SB7 stands for 7 important elements of story.

  1. A hero
  2. Faces a problem
  3. Meets a guide
  4. Follows a plan
  5. The guide calls the hero to action
  6. Which ends in success
  7. Helps them avoid failure

Sections Supporting the Story

Each of these elements of story are important for your website visitors to take action and each of these elements are covered with the following sections of an SB7 web page.

  1. Hero
  2. Stakes
  3. Value Proposition (Benefits)
  4. Guide
  5. Products or Company Divisions
  6. Plan
  7. Testimonials
  8. Explanatory Paragraph
  9. FAQs

More sections can be added but these are the typical sections of each landing page or sales page where we’re trying to convince visitors to take action.

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