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A Marketing Formula That Works

Clearly communicate how you solve your customer's problem.

The StoryBrand Formula

Customers are daydreaming 30% of the time. You can use the familiar elements of story to grab their attention.

When you talk about your customer's problem they listen. Using the story framework provides a familiar setting. If you make your customer feel like a hero, they will want to do business with you and listen to what you have to offer.

Clarify Your Value

Your website messaging needs to be clear and easy for your customer to understand. Every day people are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. The ones they remember are the ones they understand. Your customer needs to be able to glance at your website and answer these three questions.

  1. What are you selling?
  2. How does it help me survive and thrive?
  3. How do I get it?

Sell More

The reason you invest in a new website or webpage is the expected return. Every dollar you invest in marketing should return at least 5x within the first 12 months. Most of our marketing packages are effective for 3 years.

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Website Packages

The Basics


Use StoryBrand framework to develop a fully functioning 1-page website. Each section of your website should tell a story about how you solve your customer's problem.

Additional pages are included for free.

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc

The Basics Plus


Includes all the benefits from "The Basics" plus 3 additional pages following the StoryBrand framework. Often these additional pages are critical cornerstones of the website like company divisions or product categories.



Includes all the benefits from "The Basics Plus" and these additional items.

The "Pro" package is a sales funnel. We will create a lead magnet that potential customers will want to download. In order to download they will need to provide their email address. Now you have a warm lead that is interested in your product or service.

  • Nurture Email Campaign: 12 emails sent each month to remind customers that you exist and you can solve their problem.
  • Lead Generating PDF: Create a PDF that potential customers can download in exchange for their email.

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How It Works

Unleash Your Business Growth

1. Schedule Appointment

This allows us to get aligned around the vision and goals for your project. In this meeting we will provide a clear plan of action.

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2. Choose Marketing Package

Each of our marketing packages are designed to provide the value based on your project budget. We will work with you to customize a package to fit your goals.

3. Grow Your Business

The primary reason for spending money on marketing or building a website is the return on the investment. When marketing plans follow a proven formula and are executed correctly, the business will grow. We love seeing our clients succeed!

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Our Customers

We build websites and marketing packages for B2B, small business, ecommerce, authors, bloggers, and podcasters.

Ultimate Weekly Planner Website
King Cabinets Website
Fawn River Kennels Website

Do you have these questions?

Many people feel the same way.

A marketing package is too expensive.

Spending money on marketing is an investment in future growth. What if you could predict future sales based on your marketing plan? The US Small Business Administration suggests investing 7-8% of revenue on marketing. The more important thing to consider is the ROI (return on investment). See more details below.

What's the ROI (return on investment)?

Your marketing investment should return at least 5x what you invest. That is the general standard. Our goal is to provide much higher returns. Clarity and simplicity sell better than flash and sizzle. Your messaging should be easy to understand and clearly explain how you can solve your customer's problem and help them win the day!

I don't have the time right now.

No one has time. Your marketing plan will not begin to work until it's implemented. By putting this off until later, you are delaying your company's growth.

I can't manage a website or email campaign.

We have plans and processes in place to handle your website maintenance, plugin updates, adding content, email campaigns etc. If you want to learn how to do these things, we'll create video tutorials and provide best practice advice. If working on computers, coding, or design is something you hate, we'll take care of all of it so you can focus on what is best for your business.

Other marketing agencies are cheaper.

Touchdown Tech uses the proven StoryBrand Framework in creating marketing packages. This framework takes lots of time to structure effectively. Our focus is on delivering value on your investment. Our goal isn't to beat our competition on prices. We are focused on helping your business succeed online.

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