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Get a High Converting Website Using the StoryBrand Framework

Reach new customers online.

Increase Conversions

A proven framework for every section

Blazing Fast

No one wants to wait for pages to load

SEO Optimized

Following best practices for search engine optimization

Do You Have a Slow or Confusing Website?

Is your company failing to reach its potential?

Many companies go out of business because they didn't communicate simply or clearly with their customers.

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Features That Lead to Success

I won't bore you with buzz words. Here are the website features that will set your company apart from the competition.

Increase Conversions

The more website visitors that become customers the more money you will make 🤑.

We use a proven formula for laying out each webpage. It's called the SB7 framework, and it works for any type of business.

Each section of the SB7 framework is designed to position your company as the guide and your customer as the hero. They have a problem and you will help them solve it.

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Blazing Fast

We follow best practices when developing your website.

While there are different ways to make a website function and look a certain way, if your developer doesn't follow best practices your website will load slowly.

Here are some of the things that impact page speed:

  • Use responsive images
  • Eliminate unnecessary scripts
  • Only using necessary HTML elements
  • Use caching

No one wants to wait for a page to load. A fast loading website is critical in keeping visitors on your website and getting them to convert into customers.

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SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization gets a lot of attention. It's not magic dust 🪄 you can sprinkle on a website to get ranked ahead of your competition. It's also not just installing an SEO plugin.

When we build website, we follow best practices like using proper HTML tags, including meta descriptions, adding image alt text, and many more things. It'll get boring to list them all 🙃.

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Reach Your Goals

We love helping small businesses get off the ground, reach, and then exceed goals.

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10+ Years of Website & Marketing Experince

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Website Performance Experts

Your New Website

While there are core elements each new website needs, there are many optional add-ons that may or may not be necessary depending on your goals.

Website Section Layout Example

"The Basics" of a New Website


A new website will always include a home page, get a quote form, and an about us page.

The home page includes the 7 sections of the SB7 (StoryBrand) framework. Each section is thoughtfully designed to lead your customer into a story about how your product can help them win.

Sometimes all you need is a "basic" website. But before you decide, check out the website add-ons below. These powerful add-ons might be essential to reaching your goals.

Website Add-Ons

Product/Service Pages


Have multiple products or services that you offer to customers?

While your products/services will be listed on the home page, the home page is not targeting specific queries but general queries.

The bottom line is that usually the home page isn't enough to clearly communicate all the different problems you solve for customers. Often different products or services solve a different problem and it's best for the customer and for SEO to have a dedicated page for each unique product or service.

Service Area Pages


Get ranked for local keywords with dedicated service area pages.

Service area pages increase website ranking by targeting "local searches". For example, you may want to target Nappanee or Elkhart for the product or service you offer in those cities.

There is no limit to the service area pages, and you can add additional pages in the future.

Location Pages


Do you have a physical location?

Make it easy for customers to get to your location with a dedicated location page.

Each location page needs a unique address and phone number. Along with service area pages, location pages also help with local SEO. Online directories and Google Maps will use this info to verify your local business information.

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Here's How It Works

Getting a new website is easy. Follow the steps below.

1. Schedule Appointment

This allows us to get aligned around the vision and goals for your project. In this meeting we will discuss a clear plan.

2. Choose Add-Ons

Choose the add-ons that will help you achive your company goals.

3. Grow Your Business

The primary reason for spending money on a new website is the return on the investment. When marketing plans follow a proven formula and are executed correctly, the website will be effective.

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Customer Testimonials

We are dedicated to serving small businesses like you and to help you reach your goals.

We are excited about our new website. The website will help anyone who is interested in building by showing them some of our projects, giving some information, and an easy way to request a quote. Reuben did an excellent job with our website. We highly recommend Touchdown Tech.
Stephanie Hostetler at Ideal Construction in Warsaw, Indiana
Stephanie Hostetler
Assistant at Ideal Construction
We reached out to get a quote on launching a website and got a response within 24 hours and an example webpage to begin editing in the next 2 weeks. Very pleased with the response time and how easy it was to edit the webpage.