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We have a website management plan for any business.

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Is Your Website Vulnerable to Attackers?

Are You Worried Your Website Is Going to Be Hacked?

You don't need to lose sleep wondering if your website is protected and you don't need to spend dozens of hours each week running scans, checking updates, or installing updates.

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Features That Lead to Success

I won't bore you with buzz words. Here are the website features that will set your company apart from the competition.

Increase Conversions

The more website visitors that become customers the more money you will make 🤑.

We use a proven formula for laying out each webpage. It's called the SB7 framework, and it works for any type of business.

Each section of the SB7 framework is designed to position your company as the guide and your customer as the hero. They have a problem and you will help them solve it.

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Blazing Fast

We follow best practices when developing your website.

While there are different ways to make a website function and look a certain way, if your developer doesn't follow best practices your website will load slowly.

Here are some of the things that impact page speed:

  • Use responsive images
  • Eliminate unnecessary scripts
  • Only using necessary HTML elements
  • Use caching

No one wants to wait for a page to load. A fast loading website is critical in keeping visitors on your website and getting them to convert into customers.

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SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization gets a lot of attention. It's not magic dust 🪄 you can sprinkle on a website to get ranked ahead of your competition. It's also not just installing an SEO plugin.

When we build website, we follow best practices like using proper HTML tags, including meta descriptions, adding image alt text, and many more things. It'll get boring to list them all 🙃.

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Reach Your Goals

We love helping small businesses get off the ground, reach, and then exceed goals.

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10+ Years of Website & Marketing Experince

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Website Performance Experts

Website Management Plans

Our goal is to help you focus on growing your business and serving your customers. Let us take care of keeping your website performing at its potential.

The Essentials


Let us take care of the essentials of keeping your website fast and safe. A website that is always up to date is protected against hackers and less likely to show errors to visitors.

Daily backups and vulnerability scans will provide peace of mind that your website is protected against hackers and loading fast. Each month we'll scan for malware and install software updates.

  • Get website problems and questions resolved quickly with free email support.
  • Know your website is always online with uptime monitoring. If it goes down we'll get notified and get it back online ASAP.
  • You're protected against hackers with a daily website vulnerability scan to check for plugins that allow hackers to take control of your website.
  • A monthly malware and blacklist scan confirms your website is secure and is not blacklisted which can hurt search engine ranking.
  • All your images are optimized when uploaded to your website using ShortPixel's Image Optimization service.
  • Even with privacy laws changing your legal policies are always up to date with Termageddon policies.
  • Always know how your website is performing with the Basic Marketing Report.
  • Premium plugin licenses - Save hundreds of dollars each year by letting us handle your premium plugin licenses. Every website has premium plugins that require annual subscriptions, these usually end up being $600+ per year. We buy these licenses in bulk and get a discount which we pass onto our customers.



Is your website the face of your business? The Pro Plan provides additional features to keep your website and brand in tip top shape. For example, broken links can easily happen but they are frustrating for website visitors and hurt your ranking on Google.

  • Everything in The Essentials Plan
  • Keep your website running fast with monthly performance audit of the home page.
  • Improve the user experience and SEO by fixing any broken links with a monthly broken link check.



The Ultimate Plan takes protection to another level with weekly software updates and the other scans/audits and does them weekly instead of monthly. It also adds comment moderation.

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Weekly software updates
  • Weekly comment moderation by marking spam comments accordingly and approving real comments so there's more life on your website.
  • Weekly malware scan
  • Weekly blacklist scan
  • Weekly performance audit of the home page
  • Weekly check and fix for broken links

Here's How It Works

Getting a new website is easy. Follow the steps below.

1. Schedule Appointment

This allows us to get aligned around the vision and goals for your project. In this meeting we will discuss a clear plan.

2. Choose Add-Ons

Choose the add-ons that will help you achive your company goals.

3. Grow Your Business

The primary reason for spending money on a new website is the return on the investment. When marketing plans follow a proven formula and are executed correctly, the website will be effective.

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