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March 5, 2022
When to Outsource Content Marketing?

When Should Business Owners Start Outsourcing? Dave Ramsey is famous for saying “Cash is king.” While I agree with Dave’s slogan about finances, in marketing, content is king. While paid  ads can get you quick leads, you need to continue paying for those leads. With high-value content, you will continue to get leads and sales […]

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January 8, 2022
How Much Does an Email Marketing Campaign Cost in 2022?

While email marketing is not free, it's the most cost effective way to communicate with customers and turn leads in sales in 2022. What Are the Different Tools or Services Needed? We use a specific tech stack (software tools) for Touchdown Tech and our clients. The combination of these tools costs $42/month. Essentially you need […]

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December 7, 2021
The Best CRM for WordPress in 2022

I haven't always been a fan of CRMs. I used to be confused about what a CRM does and what problem it solves. Part of the confusion was around how most CRMs are set up. They are confusing and use confusing terminology. That was in 2019. Today I'm a big fan of what CRMs do […]

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November 30, 2021
Organize Your Marketing Efforts with These 5 Types of Campaigns

Many small business owners don't know how effective their marketing efforts are. They don't have a system for organizing their campaigns. What Is a Marketing Campaign? Think of a campaign like a container for specific marketing efforts. Many companies have Black Friday sales. That is an example of a campaign. A marketing campaign helps savvy […]

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