Marketing Analytics

See Your Marketing Efforts at a Glance

Get a central hub for all your digital marketing efforts so you can see what's working and what's wasting your budget.

Centralized Hub

Bring all your digital marketing analytics together


Know what's working and what's failing in your marketing

Improve ROI

Save money on failing marketing campaigns and get a higher return on campaigns that are working!

Do You Know What Is Working in Your Marketing?

Do you know how many leads come from your website?

Most business owners know how much traffic they are getting to their website but they don't know how much of that traffic is turning into a leads or sales.

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Level Up Your Effectivness with a Marketing Dashboard

Centralized Hub of Data

When your marketing data and analytics is in a centralized hub (or dashboard) you can rest easy because you can see all the necessary info at a glance.

  • Integrate your website analytics (Google Analytics) which includes website traffic, leads, and sales
  • Bring in your Facebook post data, comments, likes, etc.
  • Measure the growth of your LinkedIn impact
  • Integrate other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest
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With clarity you can have confidence when making decisions.

  • Easier analysis
  • Clearer decision making
  • Implement money-saving changes faster
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Improve ROI

Save money on failing marketing campaigns and get a higher return on campaigns that are working!

  • Reduce or eliminate spending on campaigns that are ineffective
  • Increase sales and profit margin by increasing spending on marketing campaigns that have a high ROI
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Reach Your Goals

We love helping small businesses get off the ground, reach, and then exceed goals.

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Website Performance Experts

Marketing Reporting & Dashboard Tools

Accurately know where website traffic is coming from, your most popular pages, YouTube views, etc.

Monthly Reporting (Basic)


  • Monthly email report
  • Track website ranking for 5 keywords

Weekly Reporting


  • Weekly email report
  • Track website ranking for 10 keywords

Live Dashboard


  • Optional monthly or weekly email reports
  • Log in anytime to see what's happening in all of your marketing
  • Track website ranking for 25 keywords

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Here's How It Works

1. Review Local SEO

Before we begin implementing local SEO, let's first review where your business stands today. There are several tools to check your local SEO status. One of our favorites is Moz Local. You can check your local SEO status and your competitors to get an idea how much opportunity is available.

2. Choose Your Local SEO Package

We will work with you to choose a local SEO package that meets your budget and company needs. The Startup Package is a one-time set up and is essential for every business.

3. Claim Your Territory

Most businesses underutilize local SEO. This is your opportunity to stake claim on your territory. Opportunities come and go in digital marketing. In 2023 local SEO is an opportunity you cannot ignore.

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Customer Testimonials

We are dedicated to serving small businesses like you and to help you reach your goals.

Common thoughts and questions.

How does local SEO help my website overall?

With optimized local SEO you will build good backlinks to your website. Google and other search engines look at all available local business directories. Each directory is an additional vote that your website is legitimate.

Why is it good to update my local listings regularly?

Google loves fresh content. Recent updates are an indicator to search engines and customers that your business is alive and well. Your business listing will look outdated and possibly out of business, if there are no updates after a few years.

What's the most important part of local SEO?

Generally the most important elements of local SEO are photos and customer reviews. There are many other elements and each element is important to the success of your business. We will cover each element so that your local business profile is optimized.

How do I get reviews on Google?

When Google My Business is set up a unique URL is created that lets you share it with customers. It's important that all reviews are authentic and legitimate.

After completing a project for a customer, we send a follow-up email. In the email we ask if they can leave a short review explaining how our product/service makes their life better.

Why isn't local SEO free?

Google and other local business directories crawl the internet in search for local businesses. There is a good chance over time that your business will show up on Google Maps and Apple Maps and other business directories. The problem is that waiting on for these directories to update takes time and they don't optimize the profile.