How to Tell When Someone Opens My Email or Clicks on a Link Using Groundhogg
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It’s important to know how many people open your marketing emails and click on links in the email. When the open rate and click-through rate is high it’s an indicator your email was engaging.

Although the open rate metric is becoming less reliable the click-through rate is still a rock solid metric to keep an review after every email broadcast you send.

In Groundhogg there are four different ways to skin this cat 😉.

1. Quick Stats in the “Broadcasts” Dashboard

Under the Groundhogg menu, click on “Broadcasts”. This will show you a list of all the broadcasts. If you have a broadcast scheduled, you will need to change the filter to show the broadcasts that are already sent.

In the screenshot below you can see a list of sent broadcasts. In the “Status” column it shows the number of emails sent, emails opened, and emails with a click.

Broadcast Email Open Rate & Click-Through Rate

Groundhogg Reporting: Broadcasts

The second way to get stats about an emails is to go to Groundhogg’s reporting dashboard. Under the Groundhogg menu, click on “Reporting”. Click on the “Broadcasts” tab.

By default the most recent broadcast will be selected.

Here you can see percentages along with the numbers. You can also see the number of unsubscribes. At the bottom of the report you can see what links in particular were clicked.

It’s best practice to have fewer links but often there is more than one link in an email.

Groundhogg Reporting - Broadcasts

Groundhogg Reporting: Email

The email tab provides collective data for all emails within the selected time-range. There is a section for the best performing broadcasts which can be helpful to quickly compare between several broadcasts but you can also do this on the broadcasts dashboard.

The real value in this report is showing you an overview of how your emails are performing.

Contact Activity Tab

Are you curious if a specific person opened your email or clicked on a link. I get it. Sometimes I’m curious and want to know too 🕵🏻‍♂️.

Open the contact record. Then click on the “Activity” tab.

Scroll down until you get to the “Recent Email History” section. Here you’ll see a list of broadcast emails sent to this contact. It’ll show the the time it was opened and the link clicked.

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