No CommentsJul 19, 2017Reuben Hochstetler

Apple AirPods Charged 54% in 10 Minutes (from 44% to 98%)

I use my Apple AirPods every day for listening to music and podcasts while working or driving throughout the day. I’ve always been really impressed with the battery life and the quick charging time of the AirPods. Today I decided to check how much a 10 minute charge would charge. This is in no means an extensive test as I only performed one test. When I inserted my AirPods into the charging case they were at 44%. I started my stopwatch and 10 minutes later they were charged 98%. About 3 minutes later (13 minutes total) it was charged at 99% and it reached 100% charged about 1 minute after that (total of 14 minutes).

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