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Everyone wants their website to burst with visitors. Here are 3 easy ways to get people to your website and to build some domain authority.

Bloggers want people to read their articles. Ecommerce stores want people to place orders. Coffee shops want customers to find their location and hours.

It’s difficult for new websites rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Because they have zero backlinks and zero domain authority.

1. Write Weekly Or Daily Tips on Social Media

Write short relevant tips for your audience and include your website link in the post. If you have no followers share these on your personal account. Make sure these tips are relevant and helpful.

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2. Send Weekly Marketing Email

I missed a huge opportunities for growing my business because I didn’t send emails. I thought all marketing emails were spam. I was wrong. Good marketing emails are relevant, clear and provide value.

Value could be announcing a sale, a helpful tip, or an interesting story. When marketing emails do not provide value, they result in unsubscribes.

Keep your marketing emails short and to the point. If you include too much stuff, your primary point gets lost in the fluff.

Include a call to action and link to your website in each email. These don’t count as backlines but they will drive traffic to your website. When your customer is ready to do business, they will know where to go.

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3. Appear as Guest on a Podcast

Here’s another opportunity to get relevant backlinks. Make a list of podcasts related to your business and contact them. If you are an author with a book about negotiating with credit card companies, contact personal finance podcasts.

Podcast hosts are looking for quality guests that can share value with their audience. Ask them to link back to your website in the show description. They probably will without asking but it’s good to confirm.

Bonus Tip: Be Generous with Your Link Giving

When possible and relevant link to others. Always give credit where it’s due but go a step further. If you mention a brand in your email or social media link to them.

This is especially important for small and local brands. I’m not suggesting you should link to Coke or the NFL if you mention them.

I linked to an author’s website under the section about appearing as a guest on a podcast. That author didn’t ask to be linked but I wanted to help promote his book as an example and also to help with his domain authority.

Thank you for reading this article.

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